Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Nails!

in honor of my birthday, festive, glittery nails are a must! as a nail polish addict, i have many glitters to choose from but went with Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink. this polish is literally a party in a bottle filled with hot pink, red, gold and blue glitter. you can use this polish as either a glitter top coat or like i did, as opaque glitter which required 3 coats (not bad at all!). i topped it off with 2 coats of seche vite to make sure these babies sparkle like the stars, plus it helps the polish feel completely smooth which would be impossible without a top coat when working with glitter. you could probably manage with just one coat of seche vite though! here is a picture taken with my crappy camera with artificial light, so it doesn't show the true beauty BUT you get the jist! btw, excuse the length of my nails they're in an inbetween stage right now!

that's all for this post! can't wait to spend my birthday sporting these beauties!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


  1. Glittery nails are so much fun, especially pink glitter =) Happy Birthday!!

  2. Love this!Lovin the background too--almost the same as mine! COme check out my blog! Follow back!? ;)

  3. I used this color on my birthday too! I agree, it's pretty much a party in a bottle. I love it.