Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY - A Glammed Up Mess!

so i love room decor, actually i ADORE room decor! in the past year i slowly changed my room from a very juvenile, disorganized, rainbow room into complete black and white (besides my walls i kept them tiffany blue for some color!) so while trying to come up with cute and cheap (i was paying for the transformation myself) ways to add black and white to my room, i came up with a jumbled up collection of different craft supplies and put them in a vase! this honestly cost probably 25 dollars at most. i absolutely love it and it was so cheap to make!

what you need:
     - a vase (bought this one at michael's for like $8!)
     - any craft supplies you can think of that match your room

this is a close up portion of mine - i put in so many different things! i added:
     - feathers
     - pom-poms
     - sequins
     - a million different kinds of beads
     - bottle tabs (they added a great silver touch, i had so much of them lying around because i used to make bracelets using them)
     - fake flowers and since not many leis are sold with black flowers i bought a white lei necklace, cut it apart and painted the flowers black and silver!

you can honestly add anything you want! just throw a bunch of things you think are cute, stick in a vase and vala! you're done and you have a cute new room accessory :)

hope this helped you and gave you an idea for your room! lemme know if any of you try it out, i would love to see a picture! sorry for not posting so often, school has been stressing me out so much. but i have 2 days off so hopefully i can finally do the high waisted shorts for fall post i've been dying to make! and i got my permit today! ahhhh, so excited :D lemme know in the comments if you like DIY or room decor posts. i would love to do some more in the future if you guys like them!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Awards!

ahhhh! i'm so honored that i was awarded these, pretty much peed my pants ;) i find it so unbelievable that people actually read my blog, i only started like a month ago and i have followers?! its so crazy!

2 amazing girls awarded me, Gabby's Beauty Basics and Beauty Sparkles. they both have established such lovely blogs, definitely check them out! you girls are so sweet, thanks so much for giving me these awards! and if i can give the award back to you guys, i do! <3

so i'm bending the rules a little! for the liebster blog award you have to pick 3 bloggers that have under 200 followers and for the tell me about yourself award you write 7 random facts about yourself and then give the award to 15 bloggers. so i'm just going to mush both together and the 15 i pick have both awards, i'm such a rebel ;)

7 random facts:
1. im obsessed with pajama pants, last year on black friday i bought like 10 pairs.
2. my dream job is to be a cia agent or a charlie's angel haha
3. i'm obsessed with christmas time, i just love the whole atmosphere! 
4. i tend to be very disconnected to my emotions
5. i'm literally obsessed with the youtube beauty community, that's how i found this community on blogger!
6. this past summer, i watched all 7 seasons of buffy the vampire slayer. love that show!
7. i'm weirdly in love with grilled chicken. i just want to put it on everything!

okay so now for the bloggers i'm awarding!:

all these blogs are absolutely amazing, that are run by amazing girls! check them out!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midweek Challenge!

this is a tag that lucylocketinyourpocket created and that i found through gabbysbeautybasics. i thought these posts were such a great idea and i wanted to try it out! so pretty much what you have to do is go to your favorite online store and go through each category and pick your fave! such a cute idea, total props to lucy!

i decided to choose sosie which is an online boutique i found through madisontheresa (can i link anbody else? haha but honestly all these girls have amazing blogs!) i thought sosie had such cute things so why not use it for this challenge? so here we go!

dresses: fallen angel lace dress
i'm always attracted to one shoulder dresses and i thought the white lace is so unexpected for a tight dress, you usually see darker colors that are more for night which i was i instantly loved it

tops: party rock sequin sweater
 i'm obsessed with this sweater! it can work as either day or night, and its just so sparkly! who doesn't love sequins?!

bottoms: scalloped shorts in mint
while this pair of shorts is definitely more for the spring/summer months i just love this color! its so unique for a pair of shorts, plus the scallop detailing is the cutest thing i've even seen. such a great pair of shorts!

outerwear: long fur vest
 i've been wanting a fur vest and when i saw this i fell in love. it's great to pair with anything-dress it up, dress it down, whatever! it's gorg!

shoes: strappy curved wedge platform
i love nude shoes, they make your legs look longer and go with pretty much anything! and wedges are usually the most comfortable pair of heels, so you can't go wrong with that

accessories: leopard skinny belt & gold link leather bracelet

i thought this bracelet was so cute, i love camel colored accessories. and i've been searching for a leopard belt everywhere for quite a while now and this one is exactly what i've been looking for!

i definitely recommend this boutique and to check out all the girls i linked!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Top 10 Fall Nail Polish Picks!

Fall polish colors and trends are probably my favorite out of all the seasons, i just love everything about them! In honor of having ten fingers (cheesy i know), i chose ten colors that i love wearing in the fall time.
 Here they are:

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in celeb city
metallics are always in for fall, especially this year! this is a silver that looks like shimmer, but close up has micro-glitters in it. it's adorable!

nicole by opi in the next ceo
golds are definitely ideal for fall! i can tell i'm going to be reaching for it a lot, i love this color! plus it has my name in it, how can i not love it? (;

sephora by opi in i'm with brad
this polish is black with red microglitters in it and when on the nail it kinda has a wine colored appearance. shades like this are must-haves for fall!

essie in wicked
another shade like the last one, an extremely dark wine shade. one of my go-to colors in the fall, its perf!

essie in little brown dress
i've been looking for a dark brown shade of nail polish forever! this shade is the darkest brown you can get without being black. i'm not completely in love with it, i really want a hershey's milk chocolate kind of shade, so if anybody knows of one let me know :)

sally hansen hard as nails xtreme wear in red carpet
red polish is always classic, especially in the fall! this color is a cherry red color filled with red glitters. this is pretty much dorothy's ruby slippers in a nail polish! plus, you can get away with only one coat. who doesn't love that?!

china glaze in fifth avenue
muted tones are obviously always in for fall, and this is the perfect muted pink! its a great classic color to own in your collection!

china glaze in spontaneous
another muted shade, perfect for wanting to wear bright colors while still being in trend for fall! this polish is a medium tone purple, its super cute!

china glaze in watermelon rind
not many people would consider this a fall color, but i totally think it is! its a color thats dark enough to work for fall and you can still wear color! this is a shade that was tricky to photograph, the top swatch shows its true color while the bottom swatch shows how it is jam-packed filled with glitters. this shade is best of both worlds!

essie in jamaica me crazy
some people might consider this to be a summer color, but it can most definitely work for fall also! its a magenta shade filled with glitters, that is as bright as you can get while still being 'fall-ish'. i love it and have been wearing it a lot already and i know i will be throughout the rest of the season!

these are polishes that i will be sporting this fall. tell me what you guys will be wearing this season below!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

Saturday, September 17, 2011

OutfitOfTheDay - Floral Shorts for Fall!

jacket-local boutique;tank-americaneagle;shorts-forever21;shoes-marshall's

i'm still trying to utilize all my summer clothes for fall, so i paired these floral shorts with a flowy white tank top and a jean jacket to keep me warm! i love the idea of still being able to wear shorts for the chilly weather, i'm hoping to do a post on how to pair shorts for fall soon, hopefully before it gets too cold :) so what do you guys think of the notion of shorts for fall? let me know below!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OutfitOfTheDay - Summer's Still Here!


i wore this to school today, taking the cardi on and off depending on which classes had ac. it's still hot so summer clothes are still in here! fall will be coming soon and i'll get to wear clothes for the chillier weather, but for right now i'm totally not complaining about my summer outfits! so these pictures are kinda crappy, but i need to get used to the whole taking pics of myself, plus i'm in between cameras at the moment. hopefully i'll get the hang of it soon! more outfit posts will be coming soon :)

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back To School Fashion Staples

since school just began for me on the seventh, i can't keep kidding myself that summer will last forever. so to make myself a little less depressed, i realized there's a new season filled with new trends and outfits! i've been thinking about new staple pieces to pick up for my back to school wardrobe and just great items to have in my closet. here are a few things that i think are completely necessary for back to school:

jeans of course! this is an obvious one, but you can never have too many. i'm personally a huge fan of skinnies and jeggings, but i really want a pair of bootcut or even flare that are extremely distressed that i can wear on lazy days with just a tee. plus, i'm totally thinking of trying out the colored denim trend this year. so whatever flatters you, go crazy!

cardis! this is another obvious one, but you can style them with just about anything. there are so many styles and colors that you can have a million in your closet. they're perfect for the fall weather-not really cold but not really hot. (bargain tip: i've recently picked up a great one from target for only $20! they have them in tons of colors!)

so these are just basics to have in your closet, but v-neck (or scoop necks, whatever float your boat) tees! i always buy new ones every year, well at least in black and white. i always feel like they can look a little old after a while so i always like to get fresh ones for the schoolyear. they're great for those lazy days to pair with jeans or under jackets or blazers!

speaking of jackets and blazers, totally great for back to school! my go to jackets are jean and leather and blazers always make you look super chic. they're great to just put over something or to pair with accessories! plus the jackets, not so much the blazers, keep you warm on those chilly days :)

for accessories, scarves are always a must for back to school season. you can dress up such a plain outfit and make pretend you actually put in effort. plus they look super cute peeking out from jackets! with so many styles and pattern, you can def find some that suit you!

and last but not least, boots! boots just scream fall, and great for the winter too! plus you can even pair some boots in the spring and summer. who doesn't love new shoes? ;)

these are just some things i'm looking for to add to my closet for back to school! 
hope it gave you some ideas :) i'm hoping to add some fall outfit posts soon, so check back soon for those! btw, all pictures belong to and!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Places To Shop

as a sixteen year old girl with no job, where my only income is the occasional babysitting gig, i tend to gravitate towards the bargain stores. or sale racks! these stores are where i find my best deals and get what i'm looking for without blowing all my money!

obviously forever 21! everybody and their grandmother lives at this store, which includes me. i can't leave a mall without going in here, or buying something! to a lot of people i know it can be very intimidating, it wasn't until recently that i got my sister hooked on it. just go to all the sections and take your time! you'll find at least something that fits your style. my only complaint is the 6 item limit in the dressing room, i want to try on the whole store usually! and if you're more into high end clothing, this store is definite must for basics and accessories to tie into your wardrobe!

target is an obsession, it's impossible to go there and not want to buy the whole store its filled with everything! most people don't even think of looking in the clothing section, but they have so much good finds! i definetly recommend checking the juniors section out, some items are a little overpriced but overall they're cheap and really good quality. plus, the shoes have been really cute lately!

they're great for basics! especially the flip flop selection for the summertime. i've also been hearing about their jeans lately, which i'm going to be checking them out asap! not everything in there i would consider cute, but definitely a great store for all the basics you need in your closet.

t.j. maxx and marshall's are both stores where the prices are amazingly cheap for really great brands!  these stores require a lot, a lot, a lot of patience though, which is not always for everyone (like my mom!) but if you don't mind searching through those racks these stores are the best!

this store is not everyone's style also, its got more of a beachy vibe but i absolutely love it! the prices are not as cheap as forever21 but still very affordable. don't have a beachy style? there are many clothes there that don't have the socal look!

i just love love love this store, everything is just so cute! while the prices aren't so cheap, they usually have a great selection at the sale rack. plus, the quality is great for all the pieces when you are willing to spend the extra money!

obviously nordstrom doesn't have a rep of being afforable, but the bp junior section tends to have great prices. plus, the selection is the cutest! not somewhere that i can buy from everyday but its great to "splurge" every once in a while!

this is a store where i honestly thought it was a waste of time, but i've recently found the junior section to be amazing! the clothes are on the cheap side, plus they always have great coupons.

if you're a shoe girl like me, this place is great for cheap shoes. i just bought a pair of wedges there for only seven dollars! it's obviously a hit or miss store, but for the most part the shoes are great quality.

these stores are obviously not the only places i shop at nor do i only buy "cheap" clothes (i like to invest in pricier items sometimes), but these are the stores that i hit up a lot. most likely you guys have heard and shopped in these stores before but i just thought i'd let you know my fave places to shop! i would love it if you guys left some of your favorite bargain stores below!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole

End of the Summer Nails!

yes, summer is ending. it makes me so depressed just thinking about going back to school, i start in just three days :( so i've been spending the last few days living up my summer (and finishing my summer assignments late at night), so in honor of that i've painted my nails a bright barbie pink for the last hoorah of summer. the color i am wearing on my nails is color club's MODern pink, its the perfect neon pink which is great to fit in before i break out all the dark fall colors. sorry i can't swatch it right now, but heres a picture of the bottle

this picture doesn't really show it accurately, its much brighter on the nails! just google a swatch and you'll see the true color

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole