Friday, October 14, 2011

50 Followers?!?! and a Survey!

i've recently reached 50 followers and i'm in such disbelief! well now i'm a little over because i didn't have time during the week to make a post, i've just been so stressed but better late than never right? i just can't believe over 50 people like my blog and want to follow it, i legit thought i would have like 2 followers. and now i've been blogging for only a month and a half and have 50?! thats crazy! thanks so much guyss <3 you guys always leave amazing comments, you're all so sweet!
so in honor of 50 followers i decided to take a 50 question survey. and now you guys can get to know me better instead of just seeing the clothes and beauty items i like! i would love it if you guys do this survey, i would love to see your answers! i'm obsessed with surveys! so let's hop right into this:

1. where were you 3 hours ago? - in school, 8th period. so i was in the cafe since i have off :)
2. what color underwear are you wearing now? - hot pink
3. what are you listening to right now? - exit wounds by the script (love them!)
4. what is your favorite number? - 26
5. what was the last thing you ate? - a poppy seed bagel w/ butter toasted!
6. if you were a crayon what color would you be? - macaroni and cheese! i love orange and i eat mac and cheese wayyyy to much
7. how is the weather right now? - crappy and rainy
8. who was the last person you talked to on the phone? - my mommy
9. the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? - hair!
10. do you have a significant other? - yessir!
11. favorite tv show? - uggh, i can't decide so i'm listing all the shows i love: bones, psych, chuck, fringe,  ringer, buffy the vampire slayer, charmed, charlie's angel, criminal minds and all the csi's! can you tell i love tv? hahaha
12. siblings? - younger brother and an older sister
13. height? - 5'4ish, maybe taller? i think i grew since my last doctor's appt.
14. hair color? - extremely dark brown, its the shade of brown thats right before black
15. eye color? - hazel
16. do you wear contacts? - nope! 20/20 vision whaddup :)
17. favorite holiday? - christmas by far! my existence on earth is pretty much for christmas
18. month? - december! did i say i like christmas ;)
19. have you ever cried for no reason? - probb, but i hate crying i try to do it as least as possible!
20. what was the last movie you watched? - halloweentown high. how cool am i?
21. favorite day of the year? - i actually have no idea, i don't really have one!
22. are you too shy to ask someone out? - not as much shy as i would be awkward haha
23. can you do a headstand (without a wall)? - uhh no. i have no coordination at all!
24. hugs or kisses? - both ;)
25. chocolate or vanilla? - vanilla!
26. do you want your friends to respond to this? - i would love if some of my followers did it!
27. when is the last time you went to the mall? - not last weekend, but the weekend before. which is surprising, i go to the mall all the time! shopaholic right here!
28. have you bought any clothing items in the last week? - yup! i ordered a pair of wedges off
29. what books are you reading? - well i just started the scarlet letter and recently finished the catcher in the rye. both of them for school, i'm not a big reader anymore.
30. piercings? - nada! everybody always makes fun of me for not having my ears pierced :/
31. favorite movies? - i have no idea, i'm sooo bad at picking favorites haha i'm more of a tv show girl though!
32. your dream vacation? - backpack across europe and then visit australia. actually i want to go everywhere, it's my dream to travel the world
33. what were you doing before this? - watching my subscriptions on youtube
34. butter, plain or salted popcorn? - butter is the way to go
35. when is the last time you ran? - on tuesday
36. what's the last sporting event you watched? - my boyfriend's volleyball game
37. dogs or cats? - both, they're all so cute. but i'm in love with weiner dogs, they're adorable. i want one and then put it in a hot dog costume, it's been a dream of mine since i was like 7. i'm a cool kid, you don't even have to tell me ;)
38. favorite flower? - i don't really have preference, but if i had to choose probably sunflowers i think they're just so happy!
39. been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? - of course! hasn't everyone?
40. do you have a best friend of the opposite sex? - i have a lot of close friends that are guys
41. what's your favorite animal? - flamingos or peacocks or zebras
42. do you have a tan? - i wish, i'm the palest person ever!
43. are you still friends with people from kindergarten? - not close, but i'm friendly with some!
44. have you ever fired a gun? - can't say that i have
45. do you like to travel by plane? - the only time i've been on a plane is when i was 4 so i don't really remember
46. right-handed or left-handed? - righty!
47. how many pillows do you sleep with? - threee
48. are you missing someone? - not really!
49. last time you took a shower? - last night
50. favorite youtuber? - i really love meghanrosette and hayleyistcb! but i love so many more my subscription box is blowing up right now haha

hope you guys like this! and a quick note: one of my favorite bloggers gabby at gabby's beauty basics just reached 50 followers as well and she did such an amazing post on it so go check her out! her blog is amazing!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


  1. Congrats on the 50 followers!!


  2. Cute, I love the script too.
    Congrats on 50 followers!

  3. Congrats on 50 followers! I just go to 51 hahaha :)
    I have a hard time picking favorite movies too lol <3

  4. congrats!! you really deserve it! :)
    and i also love all those tv shows you listed plus a ton more...i think i watch tv way too much LOL

  5. Congrats on 50 followers! :)

    xx Jessica

  6. congratulations on hitting 50! i love the script too, they're coming to indonesia this november and i can't hardly wait. ummm, we have quite a lot in common! i'm around 5'4 height too, have an older sister and a younger brother, my fave holiday is Christmas, and i do not have piercings (even on the ears) at all! so glad i stumbled on your blog <3

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  7. hi..regards from indonesia. please come my site

  8. Congratulations!! You deserve all your followers!! Great post! Thanks so much for mentioning me!!

    Gabby <3

    P.S I love weinner dogs too!! They're so cute! My friend has a build a bear weinner dog with a hotdog costume! It's adorable!

  9. So cute your blog :) If you want visit mine and if you like it follow me!

  10. Congrats on the 50 followers ... now you have one more! :)