Sunday, October 30, 2011


i'm so sorry guys, i have been MIA! the past few weeks have been so stressful, i have absolutely no time. i barely have time to sleep anymore! my life has just been crazy so i had to neglect the blog but things should be dying down now! i don't even have a post for you guys, just this apology so sorry about that :/ but thanks for sticking with me guys and for 72 followers! it means so much <3 hopefully i'll get back in the swing of things very, very, very soon!

PS i've been dying to start a youtube channel ever since i've started this blog and got such amazing feedback! but does anybody have any channel name ideas? i really want something with my name in it, kinda like sarahbelle93x or meghanrosette. i think those names are adorable and i was hoping you guys out there would be more creative than me :) thanks girliesss, you all are honestly the best! <3

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


  1. It's ok! Trust me, I understand! It's been carzy for me in school too :(
    It would be so cool if you start a you tube channel! I don't really have any name ideas, but how about'StylishlyNicole'?

  2. I'd love to watch your videos if you actually decide to create a youtube account! :) and if i come uo with a cool name for it, i'll let you know

  3. No worries about being MIA, life happens. It's no big deal. :D I'd love to watch your videos if you start a youtube channel!

    xx Jessica

  4. We're just glad your back! and i understand! life can get crazy busy sometimes!

    Also, i'm new to blogger so I'd love if you could check out my channel! and follow if you like! Thanks! MGYMNASTBEAUTY! :)

  5. Nice blog!!! You should start your channel! I would subscribe!!
    check out my blog hope you follow back :)

  6. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. :D I'd really like it if you followed me back. :)
    Ciao bella.
    India. xx