Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Leopard Nails!

so due to my obsession with leopard (or cheetah can't tell the difference) i decided to put it on my nails. it was much easier than i thought, especially since i cannot do nail art for my life. i'm in LOVE with the way it turned out!

1. apply the base color (sally hansen xtreme wear in wet cement)
2. apply dots throughout the nail where you can then outline, so leave room! (essie in lady like)
3. take the end of a bobby pin and paint C shapes around some and then brackets around others
4. add dots to fill in the empty spaces
if you don't understand these instructions (which i'm sure you don't! haha) theres millions of tutorials on youtube, and remember practice makes perfect! practice on a piece of paper first, it helped me a lot!

sorry again for the lack of posts, i'm trying so hard to get back on track :)

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


  1. Loved it, so cool!

  2. nice tutorial, your nails look awesome :)

  3. That design is amazing! I love it! I need to try this out! :D

    Gabby <3

  4. You are so cute. The nails look fab.

  5. So cute!! :)

  6. Your nails look gorgeous dear:)
    take a pic of a cheetah and a leopard and try to spot the differences,lol. one I can say cheetahs have tear marks from eyes to nose,leopards dont :D

  7. Hey! I tagged you in my new beauty tag! :)
    You can check it out here:

  8. These look great! Kudos to you for doing it yourself, I resort to the Sally Hanson strips, haha

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  10. love your blog, the whole layout kind of reminds me of the Dior Mitzah collection. :) Great post!
    xx, Kels

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