Friday, December 2, 2011

BLOGMAS - December Bucket List

it's day 2 so i created a list of things i need to 
complete by the end of christmas day!
with 2 days down, here are my 23 goals:

1. (re)decorate my room (i already did this but i'm not pleased with it!) 
2. light up my bedroom with christmas lights
3. string lights outside
4. decorate the tree with the fam
5. create the perfect christmas playlist
6. go christmas shopping
7. make gifts to give
8. create and sport a holiday mani
9. make a popcorn garland 
10. buy or make an ugly christmas sweater
11. make a gingerbread house
12. cut out some paper snowflakes
13. bake some candy cane cookies
14. drink a holiday beverage at starbuck's
15. make popcorn snowmen
16. visit the rockefeller center tree
17. ice skate
18. make peppermint bark
19. create cookies from scratch
20. buy and snuggle in christmas pajamas
21. spend a whole day just watching christmas movies
22. send a christmas card
23. have a lovely christmas!

so i will be succeeding in crossing off all of these from my list
and update you all on the daily blog posts! some will have
an entire post dedicated to it, while some will just be
alluded to. i promise christmas will not end without
each and every one crossed off, i swear!
tell me some of your holiday goals :)

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


  1. Such a cute list, I hope you, and I, get to do it all!!

  2. This is such a great idea!!

    Gabby <3

  3. Nice list girl. Christmas lights in the bedroom sounds sexy ;o)