Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BLOGMAS - It's Christmas When...

so the weather here lately has caused me to feel like its still fall, and i keep forgetting to be in the christmas spirit! its been in the low 60's, high 50's and raining! this isn't the usual december weather (global warming? lol) for us and i haven't felt like christmas is coming yet! so i decided to take note on the things that make me feel festive to put me in the holiday mood!

1. driving around town and seeing all the lights lit up
2. getting to stare at my christmas tree & decorations
3. wearing my christmas pjs and fuzzy socks
4. starting my homework before 8 so i can watch christmas movies at night
5. my non-stop playing of christmas music (it's a disease)

there's obviously so much more things to bring up the christmas mood but these are the things i took note of during my day filled with gross weather. fingers crossed it gets cold soon! :)

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole 


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. =)

    I love Christmas and all the festiveness all around. 1,2, and 5 is like me as well. hehe

  2. totally agree with you. I love to watch every year those Christmas movies :))

    following now, hope you follow me back :)

  3. i soo love driving around at night and seeing all the lights and the festive decorations!

  4. I totally agree! :)