Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Places To Shop

as a sixteen year old girl with no job, where my only income is the occasional babysitting gig, i tend to gravitate towards the bargain stores. or sale racks! these stores are where i find my best deals and get what i'm looking for without blowing all my money!

obviously forever 21! everybody and their grandmother lives at this store, which includes me. i can't leave a mall without going in here, or buying something! to a lot of people i know it can be very intimidating, it wasn't until recently that i got my sister hooked on it. just go to all the sections and take your time! you'll find at least something that fits your style. my only complaint is the 6 item limit in the dressing room, i want to try on the whole store usually! and if you're more into high end clothing, this store is definite must for basics and accessories to tie into your wardrobe!

target is an obsession, it's impossible to go there and not want to buy the whole store its filled with everything! most people don't even think of looking in the clothing section, but they have so much good finds! i definetly recommend checking the juniors section out, some items are a little overpriced but overall they're cheap and really good quality. plus, the shoes have been really cute lately!

they're great for basics! especially the flip flop selection for the summertime. i've also been hearing about their jeans lately, which i'm going to be checking them out asap! not everything in there i would consider cute, but definitely a great store for all the basics you need in your closet.

t.j. maxx and marshall's are both stores where the prices are amazingly cheap for really great brands!  these stores require a lot, a lot, a lot of patience though, which is not always for everyone (like my mom!) but if you don't mind searching through those racks these stores are the best!

this store is not everyone's style also, its got more of a beachy vibe but i absolutely love it! the prices are not as cheap as forever21 but still very affordable. don't have a beachy style? there are many clothes there that don't have the socal look!

i just love love love this store, everything is just so cute! while the prices aren't so cheap, they usually have a great selection at the sale rack. plus, the quality is great for all the pieces when you are willing to spend the extra money!

obviously nordstrom doesn't have a rep of being afforable, but the bp junior section tends to have great prices. plus, the selection is the cutest! not somewhere that i can buy from everyday but its great to "splurge" every once in a while!

this is a store where i honestly thought it was a waste of time, but i've recently found the junior section to be amazing! the clothes are on the cheap side, plus they always have great coupons.

if you're a shoe girl like me, this place is great for cheap shoes. i just bought a pair of wedges there for only seven dollars! it's obviously a hit or miss store, but for the most part the shoes are great quality.

these stores are obviously not the only places i shop at nor do i only buy "cheap" clothes (i like to invest in pricier items sometimes), but these are the stores that i hit up a lot. most likely you guys have heard and shopped in these stores before but i just thought i'd let you know my fave places to shop! i would love it if you guys left some of your favorite bargain stores below!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


  1. these are some of my favorite stores! xx

  2. Great store picks! I like Forever 21 too.:D

    ***** Marie *****