Friday, September 9, 2011

Back To School Fashion Staples

since school just began for me on the seventh, i can't keep kidding myself that summer will last forever. so to make myself a little less depressed, i realized there's a new season filled with new trends and outfits! i've been thinking about new staple pieces to pick up for my back to school wardrobe and just great items to have in my closet. here are a few things that i think are completely necessary for back to school:

jeans of course! this is an obvious one, but you can never have too many. i'm personally a huge fan of skinnies and jeggings, but i really want a pair of bootcut or even flare that are extremely distressed that i can wear on lazy days with just a tee. plus, i'm totally thinking of trying out the colored denim trend this year. so whatever flatters you, go crazy!

cardis! this is another obvious one, but you can style them with just about anything. there are so many styles and colors that you can have a million in your closet. they're perfect for the fall weather-not really cold but not really hot. (bargain tip: i've recently picked up a great one from target for only $20! they have them in tons of colors!)

so these are just basics to have in your closet, but v-neck (or scoop necks, whatever float your boat) tees! i always buy new ones every year, well at least in black and white. i always feel like they can look a little old after a while so i always like to get fresh ones for the schoolyear. they're great for those lazy days to pair with jeans or under jackets or blazers!

speaking of jackets and blazers, totally great for back to school! my go to jackets are jean and leather and blazers always make you look super chic. they're great to just put over something or to pair with accessories! plus the jackets, not so much the blazers, keep you warm on those chilly days :)

for accessories, scarves are always a must for back to school season. you can dress up such a plain outfit and make pretend you actually put in effort. plus they look super cute peeking out from jackets! with so many styles and pattern, you can def find some that suit you!

and last but not least, boots! boots just scream fall, and great for the winter too! plus you can even pair some boots in the spring and summer. who doesn't love new shoes? ;)

these are just some things i'm looking for to add to my closet for back to school! 
hope it gave you some ideas :) i'm hoping to add some fall outfit posts soon, so check back soon for those! btw, all pictures belong to and!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


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