Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY - A Glammed Up Mess!

so i love room decor, actually i ADORE room decor! in the past year i slowly changed my room from a very juvenile, disorganized, rainbow room into complete black and white (besides my walls i kept them tiffany blue for some color!) so while trying to come up with cute and cheap (i was paying for the transformation myself) ways to add black and white to my room, i came up with a jumbled up collection of different craft supplies and put them in a vase! this honestly cost probably 25 dollars at most. i absolutely love it and it was so cheap to make!

what you need:
     - a vase (bought this one at michael's for like $8!)
     - any craft supplies you can think of that match your room

this is a close up portion of mine - i put in so many different things! i added:
     - feathers
     - pom-poms
     - sequins
     - a million different kinds of beads
     - bottle tabs (they added a great silver touch, i had so much of them lying around because i used to make bracelets using them)
     - fake flowers and since not many leis are sold with black flowers i bought a white lei necklace, cut it apart and painted the flowers black and silver!

you can honestly add anything you want! just throw a bunch of things you think are cute, stick in a vase and vala! you're done and you have a cute new room accessory :)

hope this helped you and gave you an idea for your room! lemme know if any of you try it out, i would love to see a picture! sorry for not posting so often, school has been stressing me out so much. but i have 2 days off so hopefully i can finally do the high waisted shorts for fall post i've been dying to make! and i got my permit today! ahhhh, so excited :D lemme know in the comments if you like DIY or room decor posts. i would love to do some more in the future if you guys like them!

xoxoxoxo stylishly nicole


  1. I love decorating rooms as well, it sounds like you did a great job on yours! x E

  2. That looks very cute! :)

  3. that looks amazing! thanks for the tip! :) Xx

  4. This is such a lovely idea. Your so much more creative than me!
    Thank you for your lovely comment because its lead me to your blog and all the leopard print I am right at home...**subscibes**
    Im very inspired!


  5. What a clever DIY! I'm def. going to give this a try to glam up my room a bit haha

  6. Such a cute idea, I really love room decor to :) Your blog is really great! I'm your newest follower! :D

    I hope that you'll visit me at

    Much love!

  7. This is so lovely! I want to get all crafty and make something now :D x

  8. nicole this is gorgeous! definitely do more DIY posts I love this kind of stuff.